the true identity of Starria. starria acts as his own being, but in reality he is just a guise that DG uses to infiltrate the

Dylan is a gay boy

pokemon and kirby were who he once was now anime girl game :(

weebzone in order to siphon their gamer energy into his Team Fortress 2 account. dylan, the real starria is actually disgusted by the antics of the degenime tribe.... or so he once thought. after living among them for a time he began to become sympathetic with their ways... and he now deep-down PREFERS his anime girl profile pic to his original form.

he has suspected to be infected with the jamep disease

regardless of the cause of his spergification, dylan is now full-on mental mode. even this very WIKIA hahah WIKIA has been fucked by him. the starria page is now locked on autism mode to power his degenerate overdrive cannon.

he has converted the simple small child to his cause, and now uses him as a guardian to his online wiki page. the page is now locked due to the mod power of the memekid, luckily the godtier hekkerman Shadow hacked (convinced) geordie to grant him permissions to edit the Starria page.

because the Doilan has abused the small child and called him a Brony he has been banned by the small child from breathing